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The value of experience

For almost a decade MonferratoCase s.r.l. focuses its efforts on continuous improvement of its skills and knowledge to meet the different housing needs expressed almost exclusively by people from northern Europe, eager to realize their dream of having a home in Italy. Piedmont has a landscape, historical, cultural and food and wine charm that satisfies all the needs of our customers.

Our story

MonferratoCase s.r.l. it was born from a pitched game: an Italian entrepreneur and a former Danish footballer find themselves on one of the splendid hills of Monferrato at the same time with the aim of satisfying a northern European tourist eager to buy and renovate a property.

The tourist acquainted with both future members of the MonferratoCase s.r.l. and creates without knowing a synergy between the two people who always agree on the properties to be proposed and how to restructure. 

Given the common love for our territory and realized that we have the same ideas as regards the purchase and restructuring of Piedmont property, the two decide to set up the MonferratoCase.s.r.l.

Thanks to this meeting, Mr. GOLINO Rosario and Mr. SØRENSEN Jesper Remo founded MonferratoCase s.r.l. in the summer of 2008. From that moment on, thanks to the experience gained in their great passion, they make the company protagonist in the search for properties located in the best locations of the Monferrato and Langhe as well as the builder of numerous renovations and / or new constructions in line with the rustic canons of Piedmont.

MonferratoCase.s.r.l. is based on the organic synergy of two key figures that interpret the two key aspects of a construction company: market demands and site management.

Thus becoming the expression of the will to carry out a new type of enterprise, inspired by efficiency, quality and safety: a global construction company with a young technical staff, motivated by commitment, passion and professionalism .

The experiences, the skills, the means and above all the people involved in the growth of the company brought the MonferratoCase s.r.l. to develop and consolidate relationships with its 90% North American customers, who give feedback so that they can grow in building activities.


Thanks to the use of specialized manpower and means of ownership, MonferratoCase s.r.l. works successfully in the private sector with every contractual format, from traditional contract to integrated contract, to project financing, and also launching own real estate initiatives. Apply with good results its know-how both in the realization and restructuring of residential buildings.


Complete its venture of initiatives with a strong commitment to the realization of urbanization works, which are necessary because the properties on which they are located are always very far from the urban centers. The acknowledgment of the relevance and quality of the results obtained today is a confirmation of the organizational efficiency of the company and is the stimulus to grow and operate with ever greater commitment and sense of responsibility.Over the next few years, the organizational and management structure will be consolidated and modulated in relation to market dynamics and prospects, in order to effectively address future technological challenges.

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