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Property N. 14


An old Piedmontese farmhouse in Pietra di Langa, it is located in the heart of Monferrato, between Nizza Monferrato and Canelli, in a hilly position with a fantastic exposure and view of the hills covered with vineyards and the entire Alpine arc.

The size of the property is consistent, sqm. About 300 on two floors, to date it continues to be inhabited by the old owner, therefore the house in a spartan way can be lived in, of course it needs renovation works, some rooms are used for clearing, cellar and warehouses that can be transformed from rural to civilian residence.

The land pertaining to the property and of approx. 6,200 in a single body adjacent to the property, while a second plot once worked as a vineyard, now lies uncultivated of approx. 2,640. For a total of approx. 8,840.

Kontakt agent

Santino Golino


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